How A Workplace Nursery Works

  • It is a benefit that is there to help employees with the cost of childcare at a nursery setting, by allowing them to save tax and NI on their full monthly fees.
  • Workplace nurseries are a great way to show your employees that they are valued and, in turn, help you to retain highly skilled members of your workforce.
  • Workplace nurseries can also help minimise employee absence
  • Workplace nurseries can increase the likelihood of those on maternity/paternity leave returning to work.
  • Your employees will feel confident and focused knowing their children are being cared for in a caring environment.

We have a network of nurseries that we currently work with to offer this benefit to companies and this list grows daily. If a parent would like to use a nursery that we don’t currently partner with, we will contact them to discuss how the benefit can help them and their nursery parents.

  • This is a very sticky benefit, so helps with staff retention
  • This is a great way to attract the best candidates
  • This saves your employees money and the company
  • As an employer supported benefit, this helps to set you apart from your competitors

Why Choose us as your Workplace Nursery Provider?

  • We have been offering this benefit since 2002
  • Our web-based employee benefits service is easy for you and your employees to access and any queries are typically answered within the hour, meaning fast resolutions for busy workforces.
  • You will have a named account manager on hand to ensure your scheme is the perfect fit for your organisation and people.

A workplace nursery in conjunction with Enjoy Benefits will empower and energise your workforce and benefit your organisation in a host of ways, not least financially – it really is a win win solution!

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