How A Workplace Nursery Works

Are you an employer or company interested in setting up childcare provision with a workplace nursery for your employees?

Are you wondering how a workplace nursery works?

At Enjoy Benefits we are experienced in and committed to making your employees’ lives more affordable.

By providing a workplace nursery both you and your employees will reap a variety of benefits, including reduced tax and National Insurance contributions.

Your employees can opt to sacrifice an agreed portion of their salary to cover this essential provision they would otherwise pay for from their tax and NI deducted salary, meaning significant savings for both them and you.

But it’s not just about financial gains. Workplace nurseries are a great way to show your employees that they are valued and, in turn, help you to retain highly skilled members of your workforce and cement your good reputation.

Workplace nurseries can also help minimise employee absence and increase the likelihood of those on maternity leave returning to work.

Your employees will feel confident and focused knowing their children are safe and close by and the peace of mind attached to a workplace nursery will help to promote well-being among your employees.

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How Workplace Nurseries Aid Recruitment and Retention

Employee benefits like workplace nurseries are not only important to those currently employed by you – increasingly job candidates are placing importance on the provision of workplace benefits and salary sacrifice options that provide them with a balanced work and home life.

Providing benefits such as a workplace nursery will ensure that you appeal to the highest calibre of new recruits. A workplace nursery works for many businesses by helping them keep – and get the best out of – existing employees as well as helping them appeal to a high calibre of potential new recruits.

Enjoy Benefits’ experts can guide you through every step of setting up a workplace nursery, be it at your place of business or in conjunction with a sister site or existing provider.

Why Choose us as your Workplace Nursery Provider?

Our web-based employee benefits service is easy for you and your employees to access and any queries are typically answered within the hour, meaning fast resolutions for busy workforces.

You will have a named account manager on hand to ensure your scheme is the perfect fit for your organisation and people – why not contact us today on 0800 088 7315 to register your company and take the first step towards transforming your workplace.

Our Android and iPhone compatible mobile app means parents can easily manage their childcare arrangements and, with the ability to work with you to help shape the workplace nursery, they will feel an increased sense of control over and satisfaction with the care their children are receiving.

For an idea of just how much you could save, why not try our easy to use online Employer Savings Calculator.

A workplace nursery in conjunction with Enjoy Benefits will empower and energise your workforce and benefit your organisation in a host of ways, not least financially – it really is a win win solution!

Click here to complete the enquiry form or telephone 0800 088 7315, and we will send you an information pack in PDF format. This contains concise information on the Workplace Nursery Provision.


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