Switching Childcare Voucher Provider

Childcare vouchers may have closed to any new joiners but that doesn’t mean that you can’t move to a new childcare voucher provider if you’re not getting the service you would like or are paying a high service charge for the benefit.  Switching to Enjoy Benefits for the provision of childcare vouchers to your existing users of the benefit could save you a significant amount in employers NI payments.

Switching your Childcare Voucher provider is simpler than you think.

When you switch to Enjoy Benefits, we do everything for you, and keep you updated every step of the way.

Not all Childcare Voucher providers are the same. At Enjoy Benefits we believe our childcare voucher service is one of the most cost effective in the marketplace with no hidden fees or costs.

This doesn’t mean we cut corners – we pride ourselves on our high level of customer service and our team of experts are here when you, and your employees need them.

Switching is quick and simple
Moving your childcare voucher provision to Enjoy Benefits is simple and straightforward. There’s no additional work for you or your employees. The transition from your existing provider can be done in just a few days and will not impact on your employees current carer provision.

• We contact you to request the employees name, contact details and rate of tax
• We contact each employee by email to obtain the details of their children and the carers they would like to make payments to
• Each employee has their own unique account on our dedicated benefits portal, which allows them to manage the scheme
• Full instructions on how to use the portal will be provided in their welcome email
• Payments made to carers are referenced with the child’s name to ensure they can be assigned quickly and easily

To find out more simply fill out the form below or call us on 0800 088 7315.

Switching Childcare Vouchers Provider Enquiry



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