We receive many testimonials from customers using the Workplace Nursery Benefit. Here are a small selection …

“Working with Enjoy Benefits allows us to save enough for a luxury family holiday every year while still giving our daughter the best nursery care. Everyone should do it” – Mr Elliott (Parent), Surrey, January 2019

‘’Let’s be honest, childcare isn’t made easy or cheap for people who want to return to work without any tax reliefs etc. Myself and my partner always used childcare vouchers once we / our child was ready for nursery which was helpful as we made a small saving but was capped. We recently moved companies and childcare voucher providers and this is when Enjoy Benefits made us aware of the Workplace Nursery Benefit which offers a tax / NI relief on the full monthly childcare cost. This is a really good scheme which as helped us keep down our outgoings, which in turn helped us afford family day outs / family holidays etc. I would definitely recommend this scheme.’’- Mr Furness (Parent), Birmingham, October 2018

‘’Well organised, simple to set up, happy employees our end and good support for a local nursery – what more we could we ask for?” – Mr Roe (Employer), Chichester, July 2017

‘’Childcare can be really expensive and whilst paying for it is not difficult, seeing the individual benefits for your child (outside of the interaction with other children and more obvious benefits) can be difficult. I was made aware of Enjoy benefits through my workplace and I must say, it was excellent. It was really easy to setup, showed some really great benefits to my son and Enjoy Benefits were unbelievably proactive.’’- Mr Abbott (Parent), Shorditch, December 2018

‘’When Enjoy Benefits first told me about the Nursery Workplace scheme I was very sceptical to say the least, mainly as I couldn’t understand why everyone wasn’t joining and shouting about the benefits. Who wouldn’t want to make tax and NI savings whilst providing the nursery with additional funding to support their child?! We decided to give it a go and as my company also benefited from savings they didn’t take a lot of convincing either. In the past two years we have saved a substantial amount of money due to this scheme and it turns out that there are no hidden surprises along the way! We have also continued paying into our childcare voucher scheme so we can use them for school holiday clubs. Brilliant scheme!’’- Mrs Carr (Parent), Farnborough, November 2018.

‘’I’m glad I did it! Saved us loads of money and my nursery were able to benefit from it too – a win win situation.’’ – Mr. Campbell (Parent), London, July 2016

‘’The workplace benefit is fantastic, it has saved us a lot of money, circa £4000 per year. It makes a real difference to us as a family and helps us do more fun things together. This year we’ve put the saving towards converting our garage into a play area for the children and next year it will go towards a once in a lifetime trip to see Santa over Christmas. The nursery are really on board too as they have an additional £100 per month to invest. Every business should look in to offering this to their staff – what an added benefit to shout about when attracting / retaining loyal employees!’ – Mrs Summers (Parent), London, July 2018

‘’Enjoy Benefits’ scheme enabled them (the nursery) to do more things they always hoped for like a better sports day or refurbishing the role play area. I’m glad that I opted for this scheme and helped with nursery in turn’’ – Chaitz (parent), London, May 2017

‘’The workplace nursery benefit scheme appears to work well and was administrated very efficiently from your (Enjoy Benefits) end. Any queries were dealt with promptly and parents appeared happy with the ease of setting everything up. We also enjoyed the benefit of the additional money that we received each month for the nursery’’- Mrs. Morgan (Nursery Manager), Manchester, September 2017

‘’All payments came through quickly and with no trouble. The scheme has been great and i highly recommend it. The staff are great to work with and the scheme was quick, simple and efficient. Thank you!’’ – Ms Patel, (Nursery Manager), London, February 2017

‘’There is no denying that we have massively benefited from the savings of course! The extra money has meant spending it for things for the kids like swimming lessons or an annual zoo pass so it’s great!’’ – Mrs Jackson (Parent), Essex, August 2018.

“I have really enjoyed my experience with Enjoy Benefits – the savings have been most beneficial and they also provide funding to the nursery as a result of the placement which has helped to bring great benefit to my son and the other children at the same nursery. The staff I have liaised with have always been so friendly and helpful and have given me clear guidance and advice on any queries that have arisen from time to time” – Mrs Dolan (Parent), Chiswick, July 2018

‘’I absolutely love the scheme as do the nursery who are also actively trying to encourage other parents to join.  There isn’t much to feedback other than I find this service really easy to use and I know it will work which makes me feel at ease knowing such a huge expense of our family is taken care of. The savings have lifted a huge amount of pressure on our family and have helped us continue to have the fun lifestyle we had before moving house.’’ – Mr Skudder (Parent), London, July 2018

“Setting up my agreement with Enjoy Benefits for my daughter’s nursery fees was quick and easy and it has benefitted both my family and the nursery financially to quite considerable sums. As a family, we’ve saved £1400 in six months which has been a huge help. To think we’ll be almost £3,000 better off at the end of 12 months is staggering. My daughter’s nursery has used the money it received to improve its garden area. It’s a winning situation all round.” – Claire Sanderson, Editor-in-Chief Women’s Health and mum to two-year-old Nell, August 2018.

‘’We have used workplace nursery contracts to pay for nursery for 18 months now and have found it to be
brilliant. The simplicity of the setup means we don’t ever have to think too much about payments and we save a ton of money in the process. Enjoy Benefits were great when we made the decision to switch to a new nursery in between contracts, and the changeover was smooth and straightforward. We highly recommend this service and the team at Enjoy Benefits who are really easy to work with.’’ – Mr DaCosta (Parent), London, September 2018.

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Workplace Nursery Provision works by an employer contracting with a nursery such as yours for places for their employee’s children…

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