We receive many testimonials from customers using the Workplace Nursery Benefit.

Here is a small selection.

It was such an easy process!

Lucy and Sarah at the Workplace Nursery Benefit were a huge part in making the process so smooth. They were super friendly and helpful during the initial set up process. Joining the scheme meant my nursery fees were not quite as high which was great as they have increased a lot over the last few years.

It was also lovely that the scheme gave money for the nursery to use to get extra equipment for the children. This included everything from a mud kitchen, bug investigating kits, and outdoor equipment such as balls and hoops, which I know the children have all loved.

Adelia Harris

Brand Marketing Manager at AVEVA.

I can’t believe we didn’t know about this benefit sooner!

We’ve recently launched the Workplace Nursery Scheme within the company – I can’t believe we didn’t know about this benefit sooner!

A number of our employees are already making large savings on their nursery fees. It feels great to be able to support parents with their nursery costs. The scheme was really easy to set up with Enjoy Benefits, and our Account Manager has been fantastic – providing lots of information, and answering lots of questions. The scheme is easy to run, and takes very little effort and time administratively, and at neutral cost (if not a cost saving). I’d highly recommend this benefit for employees, and the excellent service we’ve received through Enjoy Benefits.

Nick Hollis

Burger King

Additional funding each month!

We feel very fortunate to be able to work with Enjoy Benefits and be part of this scheme. It was easy to sign up to the scheme and Enjoy Benefits were happy to set up a new partnership with my company. Comms with the Enjoy Benefits team was always very efficient clear.

It is also great to know that our nursery were given additional funding each month just from working in partnership with the scheme.

We made a substantial saving and will be looking to work with them in the future once we have relocated.

Katie Garvey

Wetherby Preparatory School

The support it offers to families is immeasurable!

In 2022, I began utilizing the nursery benefit (from Enjoy Benefits) offered by my company, and I must express my utmost satisfaction with the service. It has proven to be an incredible budget-saving solution for my family over the past (+-) year and a half, resulting in substantial monthly savings of £700, which amounts to a remarkable total of over £12,000.

I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I am with Enjoy Benefits, particularly their Nursery benefit. I wholeheartedly recommend them to others and strongly advocate that every company consider providing a similar benefit. The support it offers to families is immeasurable, making a significant difference in their lives.

Frederico Pinto

Business Owner

really appreciated!

This year we have added both the Workplace nursery benefit and Will Writing to our benefit
portfolio, both of these benefits are provided and managed by Enjoy Benefits. From start to finish
the interaction, communication and information provided by Enjoy Benefits to our employees has
been outstanding.

Enjoy Benefits have done the majority of the work in relation to setting up, rolling out and the one to
one management of the schemes, making it one of the easiest implementations we have ever
experienced. The team at Enjoy Benefits are always on hand should we or our employees have any
questions, which provides us all with great comfort to know that any challenges are swiftly resolved.

The feedback from the workforce especially around the Workplace nursery benefit has been nothing
but positive, with one employee stating that the benefit really would change their life with the
savings being made.

Chris Ansell

Senior HR Analyst at Federated Hermes – International

Mum to two-year-old!

Setting up my agreement with Enjoy Benefits for my daughter's nursery fees was quick and easy and it has benefitted both my family and the nursery financially to quite considerable sums. As a family, we've saved £1400 in six months which has been a huge help.

To think we'll be almost £3,000 better off at the end of 12 months is staggering. My daughter's nursery has used the money it received to improve its garden area. It's a winning situation all round.

Claire Sanderson

Women’s Health

I’ve really had a very good saving with the workplace benefits and I’m really happy I have been told about these benefits by my company and by workplace benefits team.

It’s not only me who benefits of that, but is also, the nursery, the £100 they get every month I’m sure this is helpful to buy more toys and develop staff skills, etc.

For the money I have saved, all will go to my son account to make sure when he will grow he will be able to go to a good school.

I have talked about the workplace benefits to everyone I know, to make sure others families can save as well some of the nursery costs, as in UK these are very high comparing others countries.

Simona Aldea , Akwell Automotives, Parent
The workplace nursery benefit has been incredibly helpful to my family. It has provided a significant monthly saving on the cost of nursery. We have used the saving towards overpaying our mortgage, a great decision now that we’re about to re-mortgage with much higher interest rates. The benefit has come with no extra cost to my employer, but has improved my financial situation a lot. This makes me feel more loyalty towards my employer, since they’ve supported my family when it truly matters.
Kameliya Belcheva-Vicheva, NTT Data UK Limited

The Enjoy Benefits team responded to my numerous queries at the outset to set up the scheme, were extremely responsive and the process was very clear and transparent. Once on the scheme, I benefitted from the significant cost savings and the team remained available to respond to any queries I had. This is a really significant benefit that has saved circa 25% of nursery fees. I highly recommend this scheme as a fantastic benefit to employees.

Ben Wulwik, OakNorth Bank Plc.
The workplace nursery benefit scheme appears to work well and was administrated very efficiently from your (Enjoy Benefits) end. Any queries were dealt with promptly and parents appeared happy with the ease of setting everything up. We also enjoyed the benefit of the additional money that we received each month for the nursery
Mrs. Morgan, Nursery Manager, Manchester

I personally have found the Workplace nursery scheme easy to set up and I know my nursery are really pleased we are going down this route and my boss I happy to be getting a saving too so it is definitely a win all round!….. I cannot recommend the scheme enough and as the person in charge of HR and the benefits within my organisation. It would definitely be the route I would recommend, should the need come up for a colleague in the future.

Ms. Thomas, Employer and parent
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