Katie Garvey, Wetherby Preparatory School

19th April 2022 |

We feel very fortunate to be able to work with Enjoy Benefits and be part of this scheme. It was easy to sign up to the scheme and Enjoy Benefits were happy to set up a new partnership with my company. Comms with the Enjoy Benefits team was always very efficient clear. It is also […]

Burger King

Nick Hollis, Burger King

1st January 2021 |

We’ve recently launched the Workplace Nursery Scheme within the company – I can’t believe we didn’t know about this benefit sooner! A number of our employees are already making large savings on their nursery fees. It feels great to be able to support parents with their nursery costs. The scheme was really easy to set […]

Chris Ansell, Senior HR Analyst at Federated Hermes – International

5th December 2020 |

This year we have added both the Workplace nursery benefit and Will Writing to our benefit portfolio, both of these benefits are provided and managed by Enjoy Benefits. From start to finish the interaction, communication and information provided by Enjoy Benefits to our employees has been outstanding. Enjoy Benefits have done the majority of the […]

Claire Sanderson, Editor-in-Chief, Women’s Health and mum to two-year-old Nell

4th December 2020 |

Setting up my agreement with Enjoy Benefits for my daughter’s nursery fees was quick and easy and it has benefitted both my family and the nursery financially to quite considerable sums. As a family, we’ve saved £1400 in six months which has been a huge help. To think we’ll be almost £3,000 better off at […]

Simona Aldea – Akwell Automotives, Parent

3rd December 2020 |

I’ve really had a very good saving with the workplace benefits and I’m really happy I have been told about these benefits by my company and by workplace benefits team. It’s not only me who benefits of that, but is also, the nursery, the £100 they get every month I’m sure this is helpful to […]

Adopstar, Cullompton, Devon

1st December 2020 |

We have used Enjoy Benefits for several years now and they are extremely helpful and responsive. The portal is easy to use with information easily accessible for employer and employees. We would recommend them to anyone looking to offer their staff benefits!

Mr. Tozer (Parent)

1st September 2020 |

It’s a no-brainer to use the Nursery benefit through Enjoy Benefits. Because the nursery fee comes out of your pay packet before you’re taxed, the saving is significant. I’d recommend it to all parents!

Ms. Gay (Parent)

1st June 2020 |

The workplace nursery benefit has been hugely beneficial to us. When my second child arrived the thought of paying nursery fees for two children was a big worry. When I found out about the workplace nursery benefit it sounded too good to be true but it’s been amazing and has saved us so much money. […]

Ms. Sauty De Chalon (Parent)

1st May 2020 |

The scheme is great, and I wish we had enrolled earlier 😉 Also I really appreciated that the Enjoy Benefits responds fast and is always super helpful!

Ms. Thomas (Employer and parent)

1st March 2020 |

I personally have found the Workplace nursery scheme easy to set up and I know my nursery are really pleased we are going down this route and my boss I happy to be getting a saving too so it is definitely a win all round!….. I cannot recommend the scheme enough and as the person […]


Workplace Nursery Provision works by your employer contracting with a nursery for places for you to use…

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The Scheme works by an employer contracting with a Workplace Nursery for places for their employee’s children…

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Workplace Nursery Provision works by an employer contracting with a nursery such as yours for places for their employee’s children…

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